Electric Eden The Night of the Tempter

Uploaded to the Gallery section, Electric Eden – The Night of the Tempter today because it is now sold to an overseas collector. Take a look. 

Electric Eden is a montage of found objects. It is largely constructed of old VHS recorder and computer components which I found to possess an intrinsic engineering beauty. Compiling these into a work of art records a particular, now antiquated, era in electronic engineering (c. 1970-2005).

So, why Eden? I have always believed that science and faith go together, and that the law of God consists of both the moral law and the laws of science. As the psalmist puts it: ‘The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them’ (Psalm 111:2 NKJV). So, both disciplines should be pursued with equal validity and each to the enlightenment of the other, though never to their confusion.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were made according to the same laws that govern us: they are electrochemical machines, of which our computer components are crude analogues. They are also more than that: moral creatures with self-perception and a freedom to choose their destiny and to commune with God. So, the scene for my Electric Eden is set during the night of the Tempter, when two free people will for good or ill commit their electrochemical bodies to one course of action or another.


This message was added on Wednesday 9th December 2015