The Psychedoodles series is complete at last!

The Psychedoodles Series is complete  at last! Take a look in The Gallery.

I wanted to complete and publish this series of paintings by the end of 2016, and by the grace of God I have done it! The series hangs in my private home gallery, though all pictures are available for sale. The process of engagement with this project has been fascinating and spiritually evocative. It took me back to  the death of a culture and the birth of a new one in the 1960s – the death of authoritarianism and the birth of Neo-Romanticism, both for good and ill. These were the days of truly existential freedom and fifty years on the effects are still with us.

Yet the freedom did not last, and today we live in a world where over-empowered minorities censor freedom of speech and ideas, where the state watches us all, and where digital modernism has made conformists of us all under the guise of equality – the equality of banal consumerism and the equality of conformity to a narrow spectrum of approved values.

My Psychedoodles express the subconscious birthing of a Jesus-loving philosopher, theologian, creative traveller whose path and destination was unknown; the beginnings of adventure that was to lead among other things to a different paradigm for life, that found modernism, post-modernism, Neo-Romanticism, secularism and rationalism all inadequate for life, religion, art, science and mysticism.

So, tempting as it is, don’t look for what you think you see, but let the colours and the shapes speak to you of a freedom that has passed, but one that we urgently need to recapture and recast for the future.

I shall maybe write more on this, so keep an eye on my Blog. I will always announce additions on my Facebook page John Houghton Author and on Twitter. Just sign up as friends and tick to receive notifications.

This message was added on Monday 25th January 2016