Bone of my Bone

A love song


  When I met you it seemed like the morning

We spoke and it brightened the day

The love that I saw in your eyes came as no surprise

And I love you still


We walked by the swift flowing river

And roamed on the high sunlit hills

We spoke with a kiss and said let’s make a life of this

And I love you still


Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh

Souls twined together, woman and man

Never part again


We play on the sands of our summer

And dance in the waves on the shore

Your laughter cascades and your smile never fades

And I love you still


The path that began with love’s passion

May sometimes be wasted by pain

But never forget, there’s no cause to regret

For I love you still


As your brown hair turns to silver

My loves for you turns to gold

Even though death tears apart and may break this heart

I love you still


Copyright © John Houghton & Henry Morse 2000

From the poem Bone of my Bone by John Houghton

Lyrics John Houghton and Henry Morse.

Music, production and vocals by Henry Morse.