Hallow's Deep

'Whatever else I did with my life, whatever little meaning it had possessed until now, I knew my destiny was to search for the source of that brightness until I found it.'

Ewan Jones has seen the light. His partner, Sally, most definitely hasn’t!

They are part of a floating artists’ colony anchored off the inhospitable Great Barrier Rock. Until Ewan has his vision, that is. A falling green light starts him on a quest to find a landing place on the Rock – a pilgrimage that takes him through a series of vivid encounters and the ragbag of contradictory beliefs and values held by his compatriots.

Resisted by Sally, haunted within, at last Ewan makes it onto the Rock and there he begins the hardest part of his journey, one that challenges his own deepest held beliefs and assumptions. In spite of everything he perseveres in pursuit of his destiny – a destiny that is both poignant and wonderful beyond his wildest dreams.

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I’ve always liked the idea of journey, of quest; of pilgrimage even. Hallow’s Deep is just that, a fantastical voyage that is both outer and inner. Although not autobiographical, Hallow’s Deep expresses some of my own spiritual and intellectual journey as a writer and artist, and as a human being. I hope Ewan’s story resonates with all those who try to make sense of their lives.

Note: Hallow’s Deep had a first limited airing in the USA as A Distant Shore. I was never happy with the edition and when it fell out of print, I decided to rewrite it as I intended it to be. The result is this Kindle edition, now available anywhere. The cover is my own work.


Molech Rising

Molech Rising is a potent mix of sexual depravity, political corruption and religious conflict that also holds out the hope of personal redemption.

Set in a parallel world to our own, the drama launches with the sinister seduction of Academy student, Zara Lo, who aided by her senior lecturer inaugurates a pagan sex cult that first shocks and then revolutionises the conservative town of Mace. The movement soon allies itself with a bid for totalitarian power by the ruthless Trefin Li.

Opposed at great personal cost by Zara’s ex-boyfriend, Calden Virl, the story reaches a dramatic climax as Zara prepares to sacrifice her baby to Molech and so seal the fate of the nation.

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Molech Rising explores the question as to why a civilised society should undergo periods when it wants to kill its own children. Can the Edenic fall recur? Can an unholy alliance between religion, politics and business unleash darker powers?The cover is my own work.