John Houghton

writer - speaker - artist


This short poem appears in my book Hallows Deep and I used it in my painting Appearance.


My roots reach down beyond the depths of time;

My heights surpass the pinnacles of space;

Infinity I hold within my span.

Eternal Rock, unshakeable: I am!


To the lady I love


Met you in the morning

Of a dew fresh day,

That sparkled in your loving eyes;

Yearned for me to stay.


Walked the gentle river banks,

Roamed the sunlit hill;

Love we swore by a silver stream,

Said with a  kiss, I will.


Flames burned fierce with passion,

‘Neath the greenwood tree;

Laughed and loved, took pleasure;

No one but you and me.


Breeze blown hair on summer sands;

Laughing, bright cascades;

Your joyful smile fills me with hope;

Sunlight that never fades.


Winding paths seem endless;

Life unknown before;

A shining star our love will guide,

Now and for ever more.


I will love you always,

Every sweet new day;

Desire, I’ll keep you close to me,

Whatever comes our way.


Bone of my bone,

Flesh of my flesh,

Woman and man,

Never part again.


Inspired by a musical theme written for one of my playlets by my friend, Henry Morse, we later wrote and produced a song version. You can listen to Bone of my Bone by visiting the Oratory page 

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