The Divine Drama

An overview of the Bible that makes sense of the big picture and our place in it

Many students in recent years have benefitted from this course and said how it has enhanced their understanding of the Bible. To spread the teaching further, I am now releasing the course on-line totally for free in 15 parts. The course consists of my full lecture notes in pdf form. Regrettably, I cannot enter into correspondence concerning the content of the course.

All this material is copyright under UK, European and International law. You may copy these notes but, unless otherwise agreed in writing with John Houghton, any copying of these notes must be:

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Act 1

Time and Eternity

Act 2

From the Fall to Faith

Act 3

Patriarchs and Promise

Act 4

Moses and the Law

Act 5

The Conquest

Act 6

The Judges

Act 7

We Three Kings

Act 8

Divided We Fall

Act 9

The Prophets of God

Act 10

Far Away in Babylon

Act 11

The Ransomed Return

Act 12

The Silent Years

Act 13

The Saviour Comes

Act 14

The Death of Christ

Act 15

Pentecost's People